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Digital restoration of Černý Petr

Digital restoration of Černý Petr

The aim of the digital restoration of Černý Petr (Black Peter) was to bring the film as close as possible to the state of 1964 when the film premièred in Czechoslovak cinemas. Aside from the original ...

10. 10. 2017
Černý Petr abroad

Černý Petr abroad

In 1964, three films by Miloš Forman appeared in cinemas: Konkurs (Talent Competition), Kdyby ty muziky nebyly (If Only They Ain't Had Them Bands) and Černý Petr (Black Peter). It was the third one th...

13. 9. 2017
Ladislav Helge

Ladislav Helge

A representative of the "Ur Wave" preceding the Czechoslovak film miracle of the 1960s, the filmmaker directed seven films during the mere ten years of his filmmaking activity – between 1957 and 1967....

21. 8. 2017
Vladimír Drha

Vladimír Drha

Vladimír Drha (7th May 1944 – 21st June 2017), a boy from Vysočany and a big fan of films, was one of the most talented students of his generation at Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Ar...

30. 6. 2017
Jindřich Brichta

Jindřich Brichta

Pioneer of Czech cinematography, not only as director of photography and documentary film producer, but also in the field of film historiography, museum and archives work, he initiated establishment o...

26. 6. 2017
Vít Olmer

Vít Olmer

Romantic idol actor of the 1960s who has gone through a number of transformations: his restless smartness turned him into film director, resistant to normalisation, and after 1989 he experienced the r...

16. 6. 2017
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Premiere_ 18.01.2018
Country_ Czech Republic

Premiere_ 12/1982
Country_ Czechoslovakia, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

While approaching the end of his filmmaking career, director Zdeněk Podskalský twice turned to the comedy duo Jiří Lábus and Oldřich Kaiser. In both cases, the films more or less comprise of a series of sketches put together around a “commissioned” theme: in the case of Velká fil ...

Premiere_ 25.09.1964
Country_ Czechoslovakia

In winning the Grand Prix at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival (IFFMH) in 1964, Jan Němec’s drama Démanty noci (Diamonds of the Night) became the first Czechoslovak New Wave film to receive an internationally recognised award. The motion picture, based on a shor ...