The Concert

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Jan Schmidt


Director Jan Schmidt, one of the prominent representatives of the 1960s Czechoslovak New Wave, above all continued his successful career in the 1970s with a markedly popular trilogy inspired by Eduard Štorch novels set in the prehistoric period. However, this 1980 criminal drama from Schmidt is a story of two escaped prisoners who seek to hide from the pursuit of justice among a rock concert audience. On their way to the border with Germany which they intend to cross illegally, the convicts do not even stop short of murder. It is this film's attempt at describing the early days of Czech rock music that proves most interesting rather than the core crime narrative. The dubiousness of using a rock concert as an environment that would naturally attract criminals is somewhat balanced out by Schmidt’s efforts at maintaining the authenticity of that said environment. This is primarily assisted by professional singer Petra Janů taking a role. The budding rock star achieved nationwide popularity with her album Exploduj! (Explode!), recorded with Pilsen-based band Bumerang and released the same year as this film.


Two criminals managed to escape from jail - Daman and Kejchal, nicknamed the Snow White. The Snow White kills a forest worker in a lonely caravan. On their way to the border state crossing they get near a sports stadium, at which some people prepare a rock concert. The police wants to ban the concert, but they cannot resist the fans of the rock band Bumerang and its singer Petra Janů. The fugitives see a chance to hide in the crowd of fans, pushing their way through to the stadium. The atmosphere in the rock band is not friendly. Its leader Pavel is a self-confident person, often arrogant towards his colleagues. Most musicians got already used to his strange behaviour, but a new guitar player Roman is afraid of him and has a strong stagefright. Before the concert, he met a young girl Renata who loves rock music. Roman's guitar breaks down at the concert, and he has to leave. He is convinced that his music carrer is over. The singer Petra is being also rude to him too in the changing room, while suddenly both the fugitives enter, taking them all for hostages, asking for air tickets and a car to the airport. The police promise to follow their requirements, but on entering the car, the trained task force paralyse the criminals and release the hostages. Pavel, the band leader, considers the whole event a good publicity. His attitude makes Renata angry; she insists that Roman leaves the band. However, he decides to stay, hoping to finally make a breakthrough.


Petra Janů

zpěvačka Petra

Ivan Pokorný

vězeň Marian Kejchal zvaný Sněhurka

Jaroslav Tomsa

vězeň Josef Daman zvaný Daun

Martin Stropnický

kytarista Roman Horák

Vladimír Kratina

zvukař Honza

Zdeněk Dušek

technik Ota

Pavel Rímský

vedoucí skupiny Pavel

Jiří Žák


Zbyněk Bruthans

pořadatel Vaníček

Michal Zelenka

manažer skupiny Bumerang

Radoslav Křemenák

basista skupiny Bumerang

Richard Kybic

kytarista skupiny Bumerang

Jiří Lang

bubeník skupiny Bumerang

Vladimír Nový

klávesista skupiny Bumerang

František Skřípek

zástupce SSM

Václav Erban

on sám, major Erban z Federální kriminální ústředny

Václav Hladík

místní funkcionář

Vlastimil Čaněk

řidič nákladního auta


Jan Teplý

hlas Damana

Crew and creators


Jan Schmidt

Second Unit Director

František Matoušek

Assistant Director

Josef Jarolímek, Petr Makovička, Jana Goetzová

Shooting Script

Jan Schmidt

Script Editor

Václav Šašek

Second Unit Photography

Stanislav Kautský

Camera Operator

Ivan Šimůnek, Jan Hanzal

Production Designer

Jindřich Goetz

Set Designer

Bedřich Čermák

Costume Designer

Theodor Pištěk ml.

Make-Up Artist

Jiří Šimon

Film Editor

Miroslav Hájek

Sound Designer

Jiří Kříž

Production Manager

Ladislav Novotný

Unit Production Manager

Jiří Ulrich, Petr Čapek


plk. Josef Janůrek


Music Composed by

Ota Petřina

Music Performed by

skupina Bumerang


Koncert končí, Vabank, Příběh Gabriela, Jen jestli...


Ota Petřina (Koncert končí), Ota Petřina (Vabank), Ota Petřina (Příběh Gabriela), Ota Petřina (Jen jestli...)

Writer of Lyrics

Ota Petřina (Koncert končí), Zdeněk Rytíř (Vabank), Ota Petřina (Příběh Gabriela), Zdeněk Rytíř (Jen jestli...)


Petra Janů (Koncert končí), Petra Janů (Vabank), Petra Janů (Příběh Gabriela), Petra Janů (Jen jestli...)

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English Title

The Concert



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Creative Group

Karel Valtera

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35mm , Betacam