Fires on Potato Fields





Production year



15 April 1977


95 min







Original title

Dým bramborové natě

Czech title

Dým bramborové natě

English title

Fires on Potato Fields

Working Title

Doktor Meluzin


The 1970s were a difficult time for the director František Vláčil: the artist, who made an indelible mark on the previous decade with the historical films Marketa Lazarová, Údolí včel (The Valley of the Bees) (both 1967) and Adelheid (1969), only got another opportunity to make a feature film in 1976. However, Vláčil and his screenwriter Václav Nývlt managed to rework the “recommended” original book, Doktor Meluzín by Bohumil Řiha, to such an extent that it resulted in a movie which was qualitatively far beyond the productions of that time. The authors used only the final part of the adapted novel, which is a typical example of biased literature. Moreover, Vláčil’s first feature set in contemporary times has the same balladic qualities that were typical of the director’s historical opuses. The protagonist – a reputable old Prague physician called Meluzín – has to content himself with a post as a “country doctor” after his wife emigrates. In the local health centre, he meets with hostility and incomprehension, but his expertise and humane approach win him the respect of his doubtful new colleagues and mistrusting patients… The ideological tone of the original book gives way to an introspective story about a successful, aging specialist who has to re-evaluate his life and embrace nature as well as the human aspect of his profession. Rudolf Hrušínský, who was politically inconvenient at the time, excels in the film’s starring role. He had been rigorously backed for the lead role by František Vláčil. The casting of the other parts also demonstrated the director’s eye for actors who could give their characters a visceral authenticity. A good example of this is Věra Galatíková (Pavla Kodetová), who had already played in Vláčil’s The Valley of the Bees. The theme of a man’s melancholic, but fruitful, later years is emphasised by the impressive camerawork of František Uldrich and the music of the experienced composer Zdeněk Liška.


At the airport terminal lobby a husband and wife are parting calmly but seemingly for good. Unlike his wife Ema, the medical doctor Meluzin is returning to his home country. He has become a district doctor in an area that reminds him of his childhood. He is given a room in the healthcare centre next to the flat of a childless Kodet's married couple. The chairman of the Local National Committee Vlach can't stop wondering why Meluzin has left his prestigious position at his former clinic, but in time the considerate doctor wins his trust, and the trust of his patients. Nurse Šimonová is also taken aback by Meluzin's precision and compelled to put the messy filing cabinet in order. The doctor is meticulous, and when his neighbour Petr Kodet confides in him that thay do not have a child, as his wife is not able to get pregnant, he sends them both for examinations. But there is nothing wrong with the wife, teacher Pavla Kodetová. The hot-headed Kodet cannot come to terms with the result, which suggests that it is he who is infertile, and he abandons his wife. The doctor meets the young and wild Markéta who lives in a run-down estate with her tough mother. Markéta is expecting a baby, apparently with Šimonová's son, the ambulance man Ota. Meluzin dissuades her from having an abortion, and when her mother kicks her out of the house, he moves her in with Pavla Kodetová. Markéta has serious complications with her pregnancy and has to go to the hospital, but she escapes and later Pavla finds the girl at her home in a critical condition. Markéta gives birth to a healthy daughter in the ambulance, but dies in the process. Meluzin finds Petr and persuades him to make it up with Pavla, who is devotedly caring for the orphaned Markétka.

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Rudolf Hrušínský

MUDr. Jan Meluzin

Věra Galatíková

učitelka Pavla Kodetová

Alois Švehlík

traktorista Petr Kodet

Jana Dítětová

zdravotní sestra Žofka Šimonová

Marie Logojdová

Markéta Zitová

Nina Popelíková

Hedvika Zitová, Markétina matka

Josef Somr

správce kachní farmy Alois Vlach zvaný Kačenka

Jaroslava Obermaierová

Vlachova žena

Václav Lohniský

hrobník Jaroš

Jan Faltýnek

podporučík VB Karel Kříž

Vítězslav Jandák

řidič sanitky Ota, syn Šimonové

Věra Tichánková

vdova Půlpánová

Václav Trégl

děda Hybš

Jaroslava Tichá

Ema, Meluzinova žena

Claudi Niubó

letištní úředník

Daniel Novák

Mirek, syn Vlachových

Tomáš Novák

Tomáš, starší syn Vlachových

Josef Střecha


Milena Štampová

děvče v sanitce

Vlastimila Vlková

žena u autobusu

Crew and creators

Second Unit Director

Aleš Dospiva

Assistant Director

Tomáš Urban

Script Supervisor

Jana Goetzová

Based on

Bohumil Říha (Doktor Meluzin – román)

Shooting Script

František Vláčil

Script Editor

Oldřich Železný

Second Unit Photography

Vladimír Smutný

Camera Operator

Jiří Pechar

Production Designer

Jan Oliva

Assistent Production Designer

Bohumil Nový

Set Designer

Ladislav Winkelhöfer, Petr Hanousek, Antonín Chloupek

Film Editor

Miroslav Hájek

Assistant Film Editor

Magda Hájková, Helena Lehovcová

Sound Designer

František Fabián

Production Manager

Ladislav Novotný

Unit Production Manager

Ctibor Novotný, Jiří Radil

Unit Production Manager

Jaroslav Bouček


Hana Hebrová (klapka), Jaromír Komárek (fotograf)


Music Composed by

Zdeněk Liška

Music Performed by


Music Conducted by

František Belfín (FISYO)

Production info

Original Title

Dým bramborové natě

English Title

Fires on Potato Fields

Working Title

Doktor Meluzin







Origin country




Production Year



15 April 1977

Creative Group

Dramaturgická skupina Vladimíra Kaliny, Vladimír Kalina (vedoucí dramaturgické skupiny)

Technical info




95 min





Event: Tvůrčí prémie Českého literárního fondu

Praha / Czechoslovakia
František Vláčil


Festival: 15. festival českých a slovenských filmů Bratislava

Bratislava / Czechoslovakia
František Vláčil


Event: Výroční ceny Československého spisovatele

Praha / Czechoslovakia
Bohumil Říha