Marriage with Strings Attached




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Svatba s podmínkou







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Pavel Kohout


During the mid-1960s, writer Pavel Kohout came along with two back-to-back directorial efforts: the drama Sedm zabitých (Seven Days in Week, 1965) and Svatba s podmínkou (Marriage with Strings Attached, 1965). This latter story, also written by Kohout, is a comment on the crisis in available apartments of the time: Vlasta, a girl from outside of Prague, has completed teaching college and received a placement to teach at a rural school. But she decides to marry a Prague man, so as to be able to change professions and remain in the capital. However, instead of the agreed upon bridegroom, she accidentally commits to wed petrol pump attendant Vlastík. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the wily Vlasta’s problems... The film, made during the era of the Czechoslovak New Wave, sees Marie Drahokoupilová (Vlasta) and Michael Junášek (Vlastík) in the lead roles. Vlasta’s lover Irka, who procures the sham marriage, is played by Radoslav Brzobohatý, whose later career tended to see him portraying decent, upstanding characters.


In front of a cinema the pretty and energetic young girl Vlasta addresses a waiting young man. She thinks he is the "bridegroom" that her lover Mirek has promised to arrange for her. Vlasta is not from Prague and as a newly graduated teacher she has to leave for a first work assignment in the country. She can only stay in the town and work in another field if she marries a man with official domicile in Prague. Mirek doesn't want to get married and has offered Vlasta his friend, who is a practical joker and would certainly be willing to marry her for a short time. At the agreed place Vlasta addresses Vlastík Vrána by mistake. He is not the promised friend, but he understands Vlasta's problem and agrees to the marriage. The young man works at a petrol station and since his mother's death has lived alone in a cooperative flat. After a short while the wedding takes place in Karlovy Vary. After the dinner the newly weds end up in a luxury hotel room and even in the same bed. Although Vlasta had intended to get a rapid divorce, it seems that kind Vlastík has charmed her and an almost idyllic relationship is developing between them. The woman cleans at home and takes lunches to her husband at work. But then she runs into Mirek. He is shocked to find that Vlasta is married, he did not sent anyone to the cinema that time. Suddenly he wants to marry Vlasta himself. The woman soon forgets her budding love for her husband. Vlastík is unhappy, and refuses to talk to Mirek and the lawyer. When Vlasta comes to his flat he silently hands over her things.


Marie Drahokoupilová

Vlasta Dočekalová

Michael Junášek

Vlastimil Vrána

Radoslav Brzobohatý

architekt Mirek Frynta

Iva Janžurová

Vlastina kamarádka

Lubor Tokoš

JUDr.Tomek Král

František Němec

Mirek Mára, Vlastimilův kolega

Ladislav Křiváček

funkcionář na závodech

Jan Oliva

příslušník VB, svědek na svatbě

Josef Illík

příslušník VB, svědek na svatbě

Karel Škorpík

číšník Karlíček

Věra Kadlecová


Jaroslav Chlasták

fotograf na svatbě

Jiří Mikeťuk


Josef Skrčený


Crew and creators


Pavel Kohout

Second Unit Director

Jiří Mikeťuk

Assistant Director

Marie Kaplanová, Dagmar Perlová


Pavel Kohout


Pavel Kohout

Shooting Script

Pavel Kohout

Script Editor

Alexandr Kliment

Second Unit Photography

Emil Sirotek

Camera Operator

František Kučera

Production Designer

Jan Oliva

Set Designer

Ivan Ernyei, Jiří Cvrček, Vladimír Ježek

Costume Designer

Pravoslav Sovák

Sound Designer

František Fabián, Bohumír Brunclík (zvukové efekty)

Production Manager

Věra Kadlecová

Unit Production Manager

Miroslav Smrček


Marcela Jakubcová, Diana Heringová, Marta Kaplerová


Music Composed by

Ladislav Simon

Selected Music

Bedřich Smetana (Prodaná nevěsta /árie Věrné naše milování/ – opera), Johann Strauss ml. (Na krásném modrém Dunaji)

Music Performed by

Sonatori di Praga (Komorní orchestr Divadla Čs. armády)

Production info

Original Title

Svatba s podmínkou

English Title

Marriage with Strings Attached



Production Year




Creative Group

Novotný – Kubala, Bedřich Kubala, Ladislav Novotný

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