Indivisible Clan





Production year



26 January 1979


65 min


Jan Schmidt







Original title

Volání rodu

Czech title

Volání rodu

English title

Indivisible Clan

Working Title

Hledej zelené údolí


Director Jan Schmidt managed to shoot his entire “prehistoric” trilogy within the year of 1977. Volání rodu is the final film in the series of three, based on the books of writer Eduard Štorch and the screenplays of Milan Pavlík. The first of the motion pictures to be released was Osada Havranů (The Ravens’ Stronghold), while the second to hit cinemas was Na Veliké řece (On the Big River). In the final instalment, the boy Havranpírko, or “Little Raven Feather” (Ludvík Hradílek), and his friend, the brave hunter Sokol, or “Falcon” (Jiří Bartoška), must save Falcon's girlfriend Šťastná Chvíle, or “Happy Moment”, from death's jaws. The girl is in jeopardy after it is noticed that she is the only member of the Fishermen clan not to have been infected by a contagious disease. Her relatives deduce from this that she must be a witch who cannot be allowed to live. The Raven clan also refuses to accept the girl, so Havranpírko, Sokol and Šťastná Chvíle set off on a journey to find a new home. They find that home with the clan of Shepherds – and with that they have the chance to give up their wandering existence as hunters… Gabriela Osvaldová (Šťastná Chvíle) and Milena Janderová (Rosnička, or “Tree Frog”) also appear in Schmidt's family adventure feature.


The clan of Rybáři [Fishermen] is struck by a contagious illness. Only a girl called Šťastná chvíle [Happy Moment] remains healthy. The clan members think that she is bewitched and causes their adversity. They decide to kill her. The girl is saved by Sokol [Falcon] and Havranpírko [Ravenfeather], who take her to the clan of Havrani [Ravens]. The Ravens, however, are afraid of the illness too. They give Sokol, the girl and Ravenfeather, who does not want to depart from Sokol, the seeds for the next crop and leave them. The three are looking for their new home. On their journey they meet men on horses. Sokol nearly dies in the swamps. They are saved by a girl called Rosnička [Tree-Frog], who takes them to her own clan of Pastevci [Herdsmen]. Pastevci are suspicious of strangers at first, but in the end, the chief called Křikavec [Outcry] allow them to stay and plant their crop. He is curious, whether the seeds will grow in spring. The winter is cruel for Pastevci and even harder for the starving three. Rosnička secretly brings them food. In spring the seeds grow and the field is green, but Křikavec remains doubtful. The whole clan sets off to seek pastures, but they are ambushed by the men on horses that kill them all and steal their possessions. Only Rosnička is taken hostage. Havranpírko saves the wounded Outcry and carries him to the old settlement. The crops keep growing and one day, Rosnička appears with a horse that she stole from her kidnappers. The clan of Pastevci will continue together with the trio.


The last part of the trilogy set in pre-historic times. The first part see The Ravens´ Stronghold, the second part see On the Big River.

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Jiří Bartoška

lovec Sokol z kmene Sokolů

Ludvík Hradilek

Havranpírko z kmene Havranů

Gabriela Osvaldová

Šťastná Chvíle z kmene Rybářů

Milada Janderová

Rosnička z kmene Pastevců

Vladimír Hrabánek

Hvizd z kmene Pastevců

Zuzana Plichtová

Doubrava z kmene Pastevců

Jaroslava Pokorná

Žežulka z kmene Pastevců

Miroslav Moravec

Křikavec z kmene Pastevců

Vladimír Kudla

Jednoručka z kmene Pastevců

Jiří Wohanka

Beran z kmene Pastevců

Ivo Hrdina

muž z kmene Pastevců

Bohumil Kudrna

muž z kmene Pastevců

Michal Wang

muž z kmene Pastevců

Jarmila Melzerová

žena z kmene Pastevců

Karel Dellapina

Bouřňák z kmene Rybářů

Zdeněk Kutil

Karas z kmene Rybářů

Miroslav Mokošín

Sumec z kmene Rybářů

Beta Poničanová

Tlapa z kmene Rybářů

Luba Skořepová

Vranka z kmene Rybářů

Ľudovít Kroner

Čihaj, Sokolův otec

Bohumil Vávra

Starý Havran

Václav Hladík

Dráp z kmene Havranů

Václav Stýblo

Kňučák z kmene Havranů

Jan Prokeš (2)

Sysel z kmene Havranů

Jaroslav Mařan

Zoban z kmene Havranů

Václav Wittmann

Kozel z kmene Havranů

Marie Popelková

stařena z kmene Havranů

Helena Malehová

Hrabalka z kmene Havranů

Vlasta Gottwaldová

Sluka z kmene Havranů

Eva Lysáková

Drápova žena

Libuše Kosová

Syslova žena

Jan Míškovský

Kořínek z kmene Havranů

Karel Macháček

Oříšek z kmene Havranů

Lenka Slepičková

Křepelka z kmene Havranů

Stanislav Hájek

lovec Sobol

Ladislav Lahoda

lovec z kmene Havranů

Michal Träger

lovec z kmene Havranů

Karel Hovorka


Jaroslav Radimecký

Aržunův muž

Karel Vítek

Aržunův muž

Zdeněk Srstka

Aržunův muž



Roman Skamene

hlas Havranpírka

Jana Andresíková

hlas Šťastné Chvíle

Marie Vášová

hlas Tlapy

Crew and creators


Jan Schmidt

Second Unit Director

František Matoušek

Assistant Director

Jiří Prokeš, Jarmila Kovtanová, Josef Loučím

Based on

Eduard Štorch (Volání rodu – román)


Milan Pavlík

Shooting Script

Jan Schmidt

Script Editor

Ivan Urban

Second Unit Photography

Rudolf Holan

Camera Operator

Jan Hanzal

Production Designer

Jindřich Goetz

Set Designer

Jiří Bžoch, Karel Kracík, Dana Smržová, Pavel Šoltys

Costume Designer

Theodor Pištěk ml.

Film Editor

Miroslav Hájek

Sound Designer

František Fabián

Production Manager

Blažej Vráb

Unit Production Manager

Rudolf Mos, Vlastimil Maršálek

Unit Production Manager

Hana Holá


dr. Karel Sklenář, RNDr. Jiří Olšbauer


Jaroslav Tomsa, Karel Šebík, František Michálek, V. Suchomel, Z. Nudera, Jaromír Švarc, Helena Kadlecová, Magda Hájková, Helena Lehovcová


Music Composed by

Zdeněk Liška

Music Performed by

FISYO, Studio elektronické hudby FSB

Music Conducted by

František Belfín (FISYO)


Frank Towen

Production info

Original Title

Volání rodu

English Title

Indivisible Clan

Working Title

Hledej zelené údolí







Origin country




Production Year



26 January 1979

Creative Group

Ota Hofman

Technical info




65 min





Festival: 18. festival filmů pro děti Gottwaldov

Zlín / Czechoslovakia