The Sky under My Feet





Production year



1 May 1984


92 min






featuretheatrical distributionlong

Original title

Pod nohama nebe

Czech title

Pod nohama nebe

English title

The Sky under My Feet

Working title

Modrá štafeta


Director Milan Růžička is most visibly associated with the popular comedy Trhala fialky dynamitem (Cutting Violets with Dynamite, 1992) and the early days of the TV series Ulice (Street). But from 1960 to 1972, Růžička worked as an assistant director, screenwriter and director for Československé studio armádního filmu (Czechoslovak Army Film Studio) where he made more than 40 documentaries. He was also the screenwriter for a rather slanted drama dealing with air defence issues Vysoká modrá zeď (The High Blue Wall, 1973), set in the 1950s. The drama Pod nohama nebe (Sky under My Feet, 1983), an unwitting predecessor to the Hollywood blockbuster Top Gun (1986), also takes place among army pilots. The main protagonist of the narrative is rookie pilot Olda Raška who is prevented from the faultless performance of his duties by an emotional crisis. With the help of his understanding superiors he is able to overcome his personal issues. The lead role in this professionally made film with engaging aerial footage is delivered by Ondřej Pavelka.


A military aircraft troop is equipped with new planes. One of them is successfuly tested by Lieutenant Colonel Lošák. Soon after, Lošák learns during the regular obligatory medical examinatoin that he is suffering from a cardiac defect which does not threaten his life but excludes any further supersonic flying. An alert is announced during bad weather. On Lošák's intercession, one of the three selected recruits is Lieutenant Olda Raška - a talented pilot, but also a self-assured jack-a-dandy. Just before the start, his girlfriend, a pretty air traffic controller Květa, informs him that they are going to have a baby. Olda's response, however, is not quite positive. He pinched Květa from his friend Petr, and although he loves her dearly, he definitely does not want any obligations yet. He contemplates the problem up in the air and gets into a situation which makes him think that he is threatened by a breakdown in his plane. He is saved by Lošák whose precise walkie-talkie instructions safely navigate him on landing. Olda becomes pathologically scared of flying. The troop's doctor Horák knows that only the fastest possible return to the joystick can help. The distressed Olda gets a sick note and strenuously tries to recall everything that had preceded the flight. Lošák, despite his own situation, finds some time for a discussion with Olda, whose father had died in the air. Květa decides to keep the baby. Lošák accompanies Olda during his next flight. He helps the young man release his fear and also takes over control of the plane for a moment and for the last time. After landing, Olda proposes to Květa.


The movie includes unique aerial shots as well as entire sequences from the airport background.


Luděk Munzar

podplukovník František Lošťák

Ondřej Pavelka

poručík Olda Raška

Markéta Fišerová

dispečerka nadrotmistryně Květa Zahradníková

Ondřej Havelka

technik letky Petr Říha

Ladislav Mrkvička

velitel letky major Josef Levý

Bronislav Križan

plukovník, velitel pluku

Ladislav Trojan

MUDr. Horák, lékař jednotky

Jana Švandová

kapitánka zvaná Matka

František Husák

podplukovník Tesař

Josef Větrovec

dispečer podplukovník Mašek

Ota Sklenčka

profesor z IKEMu

Jiří Klem

náčelník Ústavu leteckého zdravotn

Milena Dvorská

Jana, Lošťákova žena

Libuše Švormová

Jiřina Rašková, Oldova matka

Michal Pavlata

Voice by Petr Skarke
pilot Zdeněk

Hana Kolářová

Darina, květina kamarádka

Jitka Zelenohorská


Jan Kuželka

četař, pomocník lékaře

Zora Muchová

Blanka, Lošťákova dcera

Karel Hábl

náčelník štábu

Miroslav Chochola

náčelník KOK

Zuzana Schulzová

manželka letovoda

Vladimír Pospíšil

dozorčí pluku

František Olšovský


Jana Bermanová

manželka Levého

Josef Fousek

frajer na diskotéce

Jan Cmíral ml.

pilot Jindra

Roman Hájek

pilot Palo

Pavel Havránek

pilot Jirka

Rostislav Kuba

pilot Boris

Petr Růžička


Jana Kasanová

manželka Tesaře

Josef Šebek

dozorčí ILZ

Václav Kotva


Yveta Pavlíková

Jan Filip

muzikant, člen skupiny Kantoři

Miloš Dvořáček

muzikant, člen skupiny Kantoři

Ludmila Dvořáčková

muzikantka, členka skupiny Kantoři

Tomáš Uhlíř

muzikant, člen skupiny Kantoři

mjr. Ing. Vladimír Griga

člen akrobatické letecké skupiny

mjr. Josef Kaštánek

člen akrobatické letecké skupiny

mjr. Ing. Jozef Mocsi

člen akrobatické letecké skupiny

pplk. Miloslav Vítek

člen akrobatické letecké skupiny

Miroslav Beran

dubl – pilot

Julius Gábel

dubl – pilot

Dušan Halický

dubl – pilot

Miroslav Jirásek

dubl – pilot

Emil Komjati

dubl – pilot

Jaroslav Kavka

dubl – pilot

Zdeněk Kieslinger

dubl – pilot

Petr Kopeček

dubl – pilot

Josef Měkuta

dubl – pilot

Jiří Moutvička

dubl – pilot

Jaromír Musil

dubl – pilot

Stanislav Novotný

dubl – pilot

František Padělek

dubl – pilot

Josef Palos

dubl – pilot

Josef Rada

dubl – pilot

Petr Sokol (2)

dubl – pilot

Michal Škvarka

dubl – pilot

Jan Vavřička

dubl – pilot

Karel Viewegh

dubl – pilot

Šárka Moutvičková


Crew and creators

Second Unit Director

Vítězslav Kulle

Assistant Director

Josef Sandr, Jaromír Flek


plk. Ing. Josef Pavlík, Milan Růžička

Shooting Script

Milan Růžička

Second Unit Photography

Stanislav Kautský

Camera Operator

Jiří Knotek

Production Designer

Jaroslav Krška

Assistent Production Designer

František Císař

Set Designer

Karel Kracík, Miloš Sršeň, Milan Šefrna, František Struska

Costume Designer

Šárka Váchová

Film Editor

Zdeněk Stehlík

Sound Designer

Roman Hloch

Special Effects

Jiří Rumler

Production Manager

Miroslav Smrček

Unit Production Manager

Jarmila Benešová (2), Viktor Schwarcz


genmjr. Ing. Jaroslav Štecha, mjr. René Toman, nprap. Růžena Danielová


P. Čiperová (klapka), Vladimír Souček (fotograf), Jiří Horák, Ministerstvo národní obrany ČSSR, příslušníci ČSLA – letectva


Music Composed by

Jiří F. Svoboda

Music Performed by

FISYO (Music Conducted by Štěpán Koníček)


Na našem dvoře

Singer skupina Kantoři

V slepých uličkách

Song Composer Miro Žbirka
Writer of Lyrics Kamil Peteraj
Singer Miro ŽbirkaMarika Gombitová

Production info

Original Title

Pod nohama nebe

Czech Title

Pod nohama nebe

English Title

The Sky under My Feet

Working Title

Modrá štafeta




featuretheatrical distribution



Origin country




Production Year


Production specifications

literary Screenplay approved 22 June 1982
start of filming 26 January 1983
technical Screenplay approved 7 February 1983
end of filming 12 September 1983
projection approval 28 September 1983


premiere 1 May 1984 /unsuitable for youths/

Creative Group

5. dramaturgicko-výrobní skupina, Miloslav Vydra (vedoucí 5. dramaturgicko-výrobní skupiny)

Technical info

Duration typology

feature film

Duration in minutes

92 min

Original length in metres

2 638 meters

Distribution carrier

16mm, 35mm

Aspect ratio






Sound system/format




Dialogue languages


Subtitles languages

without subtitles

Opening/End credits languages




Festival: 22. festival československých filmů Banská Bystrica

Banská Bystrica / Czechoslovakia
kolektiv tvůrců filmu