Mr Tau and Claudia




Czech title

Pan Tau a Claudie




Czechoslovakia, Federal Republic of Germany, Austria



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Jindřich Polák


Little Claudia lives in the small chateau of her grandfather, Mr Viola, owner of a syndicate. She is surrounded by luxury, servants and toys, but still is not completely happy. Her mother is far away and the grandfather is too busy to find time for her. One day, a puppet of a little man wearing a bowler hat and carrying a little umbrella descends to her and turns into an adult man in front of her eyes. It is the magic Mr Tau, who does not like to see children sad and tries to help Claudia. The little girl wishes to return to the times of knights, and when she wakes up the next day, everything at the chateau looks like in the old times: the furniture, clothing, equipage with the team of horses... Mr Viola considers all this the work of his wicked competition while the journalists mistake his historical costume for an advertising trick. The biggest surprise comes when, at the press conference, Viola take a beautiful musical machine out of the case instead of the expected mini-TV. Surprisingly, there is a great interest in the machine on the market. The old Viola rushes to meet Claudia who in the meantime begs her mother on the phone to come for her. But when she sees her granddad in the historic costume, she decides to stay and goes with him to the park where they begin to play together. Mr Tau is satisfied - Claudie is happy. He swirls his bowler and the magic disappears. The granddad and Claudia are dressed in jeans again, the ancient coach turned to a modern car... Mr Tau bows and says good bye.


The first (I.) series of thirteen medium-length films about Mr Tau was created in the years 1969–1972. It was first launched in cinemas, in series composed of two parts and accompanied by a cartoon movie (1. Mr Tau Arrives, 2. Mr Tau Gives Presents, 3. Mr Tau at the Mountains, 4. Mr Tau and Sunday, 5. Mr Tau Goes to School, 6. Mr Tau and Cold!, 7. Mr Tau and Claudia, 8. Mr Tau Will Handle It, 9. Mr Tau and Trip around the World, 10. Mr Tau in Circus, 11. Mr Tau and the Taxi Driver, 12. Mr Tau Wanted, 13. Mr Tau and a Thousand Miracles). In the Czechoslovak Television, the series was first introduced in December 1972. Due to its success, another thirteen parts (II.) were filmed in 1973–1975, this time intended exclusively for television (1. Mr Tau Returns, 2. Mr Tau and Robinson, 3. Mr Tau and Too Big Balloon, 4. Mr Tau and Dog Goaty-Dog, 5. Mr Tau and Family Celebration, 6. Mr Tau Goes to Work, 7. Mr Tau and Five Pears and Three Apples, 8. Mr Tau and Black Umbrella, 9. Mr Tau and Big Dog, 10. Mr Tau and Tree-Frog. 11. Mr Tau and Alladin Lamp, 12. Mr Tau and Golden Suitcase, 13. Mr Tau Leaves). The third (III.) and last (seven-part) series was filmed in the years 1977 and 1978 (1. Alert in the Sky, 2. Elephant Hunt, 3. Night at Safari, 4. Mr Tau and Woman-Magician, 5. Mr Tau at Pioneer Camp, 6. Mr Tau – And Which Is the Right One?, 7. No Magic from Tomorrow). On TV, the third series was introduced as a series in the original form and was edited for the film distribution into two feature films Alert in the Sky and No Magic from Tomorrow. The popular bowlered hero last appeared in the feature film Mr Tau, created by a German-Czechoslovak co-production in 1988.


Jan Werich

bohatý pan Viola

Veronika Renčová

Claudie, Violova vnučka

Věra Tichánková


Věra Ferbasová


Jan Skopeček

vedoucí výzkumu

Karel Pavlík

ředitel prodeje

Jiří Lír


Miloš Vavruška

muž z koncernu/herec v TV filmu

Mirko Musil

muž z koncernu

Jan Víšek

muž z koncernu

Jaroslav Mareš

muž z koncernu

Bedřich Šetena

muž z koncernu

Jana Sedlmajerová


Jiří Bruder

televizní reportér

Oldřich Velen


Ilona Jirotková


Stanislav Litera


Magda Maděrová


Ivana Herglotzová


Ela Šilarová


Eduard Dubský

herec v TV filmu

Jaroslav Tomsa

rváč v TV filmu

Crew and creators

Second Unit Director

Vladimír Zelenka

Assistant Director

Vilém Kijonka, Pavla Marková


Jaroslav Tuzar, Vladimír Malík (loutková část)

Second Unit Photography

Miloš Petrolín

Camera Operator

Jiří Knotek

Production Designer

Jiří Hlupý, Miroslav Hrachovec

Art Director

Stanislava Procházková (loutková část)

Set Designer

Václav Pošta, Jan Petrů, Jiří Žůček

Costume Designer

Jan Kropáček

Sound Designer

Jaromír Svoboda

Production Manager

Gustav Rohan

Unit Production Manager

Martin Baroch, Jan Syrový, Karel Prchal

Unit Production Manager

Lucie Hertlová


Růžena Hejsková, Zorka Chrastinová


Music Performed by

FISYO, Orchestr Karla Vlacha

Music Conducted by

František Belfín (FISYO), Karel Vlach (Orchestr Karla Vlacha)


Magda Hrnčířová, sbor

Production info

Original Title

Pan Tau a Claudie

English Title

Mr Tau and Claudia

Working Title

Kde je Claudie?

Parallel Title

Pan Tau und Claudia im Schloss



Production Year




Creative Group

Ota Hofman

Technical info