Daddy for Sunday





Production year



17 September 1971


66 min




comedy, family


featuretheatrical distributionlong

Original title

Tatínek na neděli

Czech title

Tatínek na neděli

English title

Daddy for Sunday


Jaroslav Mach’s 1971 feature examines the impact of divorce on children. The protagonist of this feature is engineer Kalista, who, since his divorce, has only seldom seen his 11-year-old daughter Jana. Kalista decides to marry his twenty-years-younger lover Eva, who wants to introduce the future step-daughter to her parents. However, Eva’s parents do not approve of the marriage, unhappy that Eva has destroyed Kalista’s family. The potential bridegroom’s divorced sister, meanwhile, disapproves of Eva. The leading roles in this unremarkable feature are played by Svatopluk Matyáš (Kalista), Regina Rázlová (Eva) and Milena Dvorská (Olga). Non-actor Zdena Machálková portrays young Jana. Radovan Lukavský employs charisma and moral authority in the role of Eva’s gamekeeper father.


A divorced technician Milan Kalista spends two weekends a month with his daughter, an eleven years old Jana. Jana has made up with the fact her father does not live with them anymore. She does not know, however, her father is not going to return to them, as he loves a young girl Eva whom he is going to marry as soon as possible. Before the set wedding date Eva decides to meet Jana and introduce her and Milan to her parents. She considers her mother's birthday a good occasion. A common encounter in a gamekeeper's house does not turn out up to Eva's fancy. The parents give the visitors a constrained or even cold welcome. They do not like Eva destroyed a marriage with a child. Also Eva's sister Olga is strangely impervious. Only Jana enjoys the new interesting place with Olga's son Arnošt. Everything suddenly turns different when Jana learns from Arnošt Eva and her Dad are going to marry. To calm the unhappy girl, the boy tells her about his and his mom's sorrow - also his father left them for another woman. Jana runs away from the gamekeeper's house and goes home alone by bus. Olga, touched, reproaches Eva that she behaved the same way as the woman who took her husband away from her. Milan feels unpleasant in Eva's parents' house and when he learns about his daughter's runaway, he sets out for her together with Eva. They run out of petrol on their way and have a row. Milan leaves Eva in a stuck car and goes back to Prague by hitchhiking. He waits for Jana at the bus station and promises he will never tell lies to her any longer.


Svatopluk Matyáš

inženýr Milan Kalista

Zdena Machálková

Jana, Kalistova dcerka

Regina Rázlová

Eva, Kalistova milenka

Radovan Lukavský

hajný Kraus, Evin otec

Zora Božinová

Krausova žena, Evina matka

Milena Dvorská

učitelka Olga, Evina sestra

Antonín Navrátil

Arnošt, Olžin syn

Stanislav Hájek

strážný v továrně

Jan Lorman


Jaromír Vaculík

Crew and creators

Second Unit Director

Lada Vacková, František Sádek

Assistant Director

Ivana Tokošová


Helena Pokorná

Shooting Script

Jaroslav Mach

Director of Photography

Josef Hanuš

Second Unit Photography

Josef Pechar, Ladislav Chroust

Camera Operator

Václav Zajíček

Production Designer

Karel Škvor

Assistent Production Designer

Jiří Matolín

Costume Designer

Jindřiška Hirschová

Film Editor

Zdeněk Stehlík

Assistant Film Editor

Jana Šimůnková

Sound Designer

Miloslav Hůrka

Production Manager

Jaroslav Solnička

Unit Production Manager

Milan Štěch, František Jaderník

Unit Production Manager

Václav Polák


Irena Hrušková (klapka), Jaroslav Trousil (fotograf)


Music Composed by

Štěpán Lucký

Selected Music

Antonín Dvořák (Slovanské tance)

Music Performed by

Lucký Štěpán, FISYO (Music Conducted by František Belfín)

Production info

Original Title

Tatínek na neděli

Czech Title

Tatínek na neděli

English Title

Daddy for Sunday




featuretheatrical distribution


comedy, family

Origin country




Production Year


Production specifications

end of filming 16 February 1970
literary Screenplay approved 27 July 1970
technical Screenplay approved 22 August 1970
start of filming 21 September 1970
projection approval 30 April 1971


premiere 17 September 1971 /suitable for youths/ (celostátní)
premiere 16 September 1972 /suitable for youths/ (kino Hvězda, Praha)

Creative Group

Dramaturgická skupina Vojtěcha Cacha, Vojtěch Cach (vedoucí dramaturgické skupiny), Výrobní skupina Jiřího Šebora, Jiří Šebor (vedoucí výrobní skupiny)

Technical info

Duration typology

feature film

Duration in minutes

66 min

Original length in metres

1 859 meters

Distribution carrier

16mm, 35mm

Aspect ratio



black & white



Sound system/format




Dialogue languages


Subtitles languages

without subtitles

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