Lucy Again


Czechoslovakia, Federal Republic of Germany



Production year

1979—1980, 1983


1 December 1984


82 min




children, comedy



Original title

...a zase ta Lucie!

Czech title

...a zase ta Lucie!

English title

Lucy Again

Parallel Title

Luzie, der Schrecken der Strasse


The director Jindřich Polák and screenwriter Ota Hofman worked together frequently on television and film series for children. Besides the stories of Pan Tau (Tau) and Chobotnice ze II. Patra (Octopuses from the Second Floor), they also made two film comedies about a little girl called Lucie. These had been preceded by the television series Luzie, der Schrecken der Straße, which had been commissioned by West German television and made in 1980. These six half-hour stories, which Czech Television did not screen at the time, were not seen in this country until 1984, when they were compiled into two feature-length films – Lucie, postrach ulice (Lucy, Terror of the Street) and …a zase ta Lucie! (Lucy Again). In the second of these films, the six-year-old heroine gets into more scrapes with the plasticine men called Ferda and Ferda. In the previous work, the young girl, who is supposed to be entering first grade after the holidays, met with the two playdough chaps in a shopping centre. This resulted in her taking over the leadership of a kid’s gang from Osvald, a nasty boy from the neighbourhood. He is now set on having his revenge. However, when he takes possession of the magical playdough men, it only complicates matters. The homunculi continue with their roguishness even after returning to Lucie… Besides the animated plasticine men, who are the main attraction of the popular children’s film, Žaneta Fuchsová also shines in the title role. She was already an experienced film actress at that time, who also worked with Jindřich Polák while shooting the aforementioned Octopuses and the film Tau (1988). The role of Osvald was played by Michael Hofbauer, whom the director had already tested out in those films about the magical man with a bowler hat. The popular actor who played Mr Tau, Otto Šimánek, appears in the film as a store detective from the shopping centre. A young Mahulena Bočanová can also be seen in one of the smaller children’s roles. The playdough men were dubbed by Jiřina Bohdalová and Josef Dvořák while Daniela Kolářová and Jaromír Hanzlík played the young heroine’s parents.


Thanks to two plasticine puppets, the six-year old Lucie can play with a party of older children living in the same street. The orange Ferda and the green Ferda have magical powers to change the world around the little girl and they also protect her from her neighbour – the boy Osvald. Osvald cannot forgive Lucie that he is not the leader of the children's gang any more, and steels the puppets from her by a trick. But the two puppets make life difficult for him. They ravage the dainties prepared for a family celebration and also totally discredit Osvald's piano performance. The sweet-toothed Ferdas then continue with their monkey business even after their return to Lucie, who is at home alone at the end of the summer holidays. A shocked refrigerator repairer destroys an electrical circuit just at the sight of them, and the flat thus must be visited over time by an electrician, TV repairer, glazier, plumber and even a paper-hanger. Lucie persuades her grandfather, who came to watch over her, to return the stolen box of plasticine, from which Ferda & Ferda "originated", to a department store. But they must then buy it back so that Lucie does not have to part with her beloved puppets. The action succeeds even in spite of a slight hiccup. The first school day arrives. The parents and the grandfather have, however, overslept, and the courageous and self-reliant Lucie sets off to school alone. The deeply touched adults arrive in front of the school at the last moment. But they did not park right and a policeman forces them to get out of the car. It shows that both the parents and the grandfather are still wearing their pyjamas. Ferda & Ferda then accompany Lucie to school as small apples into which they easily changed.


The film Lucy, the Bugbear of the Street and its sequel Lucy Again were cut for cinema screening from the originally six-episodes series filmed by the Film Studio Barrandov for West-German television. The series was first shown under the title Luzie der Schrecken der Strasse by Westdeutscher Rundfunk in October 1980. The individual epizodes are listed in German sources as follows: 1. Luzie der Schrecken der Strasse, 2. Luzie kommt zur Schule, 3. Luzie und der Sommerschnee, 4. Luzie geht durch die Stadt, 5. Luzie und die schönen Zahnschmerzen, 6. Luzie und Friedrich & Friedrich.

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Žaneta Fuchsová

Lucie Krausová

Daniela Kolářová

Luciina maminka, zubařka

Jaromír Hanzlík

Rudolf Kraus, Luciin tatínek

Jiří Pleskot

MUDr. Kraus, Luciin dědeček

Michael Hofbauer

Osvald Richter

Hana Maciuchová

Krista Richterová, Osvaldova maminka

František Filipovský

prodavač zeleniny

Jiří Hrzán

profesor hudby Hartmann

Jiří D. Novotný

prodavač Party James

Václav Lohniský

televizní opravář

Luděk Kopřiva


Karel Augusta

opravář lednic Šmíd

Pavel Zedníček


Karel Effa


Jiří Krampol


Saša Pirná


Ota Bláha


Pavel Miko


Petr Nárožný

Oskarův otec

Otto Šimánek

detektiv obchodního domu

Zdeněk Dítě

ředitel obchodního domu

Václav Kotva

zákazník s tapetami

Jiří Lábus


Eugen Jegorov


Oskar Hák


Dagmar Patrasová


Jana Viščaková


Vanda Švarcová

dispečerka firmy Arnold

Vladimír Hrabánek

zákazník Kos

Josef Šebek

vedoucí dispečinku Novák

Markéta Krbušková

dívka v obchodním domě

Jaroslav Tomsa

gangster v televizi

Vlastimil Bedrna


Raoul Schránil

starší muž v obchodním domě

Ela Šárková

starší žena v obchodním domě

Gert K. Müntefering

profesor Maruška v televizi



Jan Hrušínský

hlas profesora hudby

Jiřina Bohdalová

hlas zeleného formeláka Ferdy

Josef Dvořák

hlas oranžového formeláka Ferdy

Milan Neděla

hlas gangstera

Crew and creators

Second Unit Director

Milan Vácha

Assistant Director

Corina Schlesingerová, Pavla Marková


Ota Hofman


Josef Vaniš, Jiří Vojta (animace)

Second Unit Photography

Václav Helliman

Camera Operator

Bohumil Vodička

Production Designer

Karel Černý

Set Designer

Miloslav Dvořák, Matthaei Bettina /loutky/

Make-Up Artist

Vladimír Petřina


Seishi Katto, Vladimír Plicka, Otmar Gutmann

Production Manager

Jan Šuster

Unit Production Manager

Miloslav Doležal, Jarmila Benešová (2), Jaroslav Bouček, Zuzana Kovaříková


Music Composed by

Angelo Michajlov

Selected Music

Ludwig van Beethoven (Pro Elišku /Für Elise/ – klavírní skladba a moll)

Music Performed by


Music Conducted by

František Belfín (FISYO)

Production info

Original Title

...a zase ta Lucie!

English Title

Lucy Again

Parallel Title

Luzie, der Schrecken der Strasse






children, comedy

Origin country

Czechoslovakia, Federal Republic of Germany



Production Year

1979—1980, 1983


1 December 1984

Creative Group

Stanislav Rudolf

Technical info




82 min





Exhibition: 16. národní přehlídka filmů pro děti Ostrov nad Ohří

Ostrov nad Ohří / Czechoslovakia
Žaneta Fuchsová


Exhibition: 16. národní přehlídka filmů pro děti Ostrov nad Ohří

Ostrov nad Ohří / Czechoslovakia
Michael Hofbauer