The Princess with the Golden Star




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Princezna se zlatou hvězdou







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Martin Frič


Based on a folk tale, later retold by children’s author Božena Němcová, and then adapted for the theatre by K. M. Walló. In 1959, the story also found its way to the big screen courtesy of director Martin Frič – and would go on to become one of the most beloved of all the Czechoslovak film fairytales. The title heroine, played by Marie Kyselková, is a bold young woman, who rejects marriage to King Kazisvět (“World wrecker”). Instead, she flees from the castle of her timid father. Princess Lada masks both her beauty and the gold star on her forehead by wearing a hood made of shabby mouse fur, and finds a job as a cook at the palace of a neighbouring monarch – the wise Prince Radovan (played by singer and occasional actor Josef Zíma). Ultimately, the prince finds his true love in the form of this wayward kitchen helper. The power-hungry Kazisvět is played by Martin Růžek, and in line with the ideology of the times, he portrays a prototypical German usurper-occupier, who is ultimately cast out of Lada’s land by ordinary folk.


Old king Hostivít has a beautiful daughter Lada, a princess with a golden star on her forehead. The evil and wealthy king Kazisvět VI comes to court Lada but she does not want to marry him. On the advice of her maid, the princess dresses up in a fur coat made of mouse fur and goes out into the world. When she has crossed mountains and valleys she arrives in the gentle land of prince Radovan. As a poor girl wrapped in grey fur she gets a job as a kitchen help at Radovan's castle. A celebration is being prepared during which the prince is to choose his future bride. The popular ruler is sensible and hopes to marry out of love. He therefore rejects the proud Florindella and spoiled Glorie. Lada, who is curious to see the prince, changes into the only fine dress she brought with her during her escape, and mingles with the other guests. Radovan follows her all over the castle. The young couple fall in love at first sight but Lada turns him down since she does not want to put him or his country at risk. After exchanging rings Lada runs off. The next morning she reappears in the kitchen in her disguise. She does not notice that the prince's ring has fallen into the soup she is preparing. When the prince finds the ring, he now knows where to find the princess. He recognizes her even in her mouse fur. Kazisvět arrives at the castle with his entourage but the prince bravely drives them away. Nothing lies in the way of the celebrated wedding of Lada and Radovan.

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František Smolík

král Hostivít

Martin Růžek

král Kazisvět VI.

Marie Kyselková

princezna Lada, Hostivítova dcera

Josef Zíma

princ Radovan

Stanislav Neumann

vrchní kuchař

Eduard Kohout


Josef Vinklář

kuchtík Janek

Stella Májová

vévodkyně Glorie

Květa Fialová

princezna Florindella

Theodor Pištěk

princův pobočník

Karel Effa

pobočník krále Kazisvěta

Terezie Brzková


Jan Skopeček


Miroslav Svoboda

pobočník krále Kazisvěta

Václav Švec


Crew and creators


Martin Frič

Second Unit Director

Václav Berdych

Assistant Director

Miroslav Kubišta, Eliška Vojtová

Based on

Božena Němcová (Princezna se zlatou hvězdou na čele – pohádka), K. M. Walló (Princezna se zlatou hvězdou – divadelní hra na motivy pohádky Princezna se zlatou hvězdou na čele)

Shooting Script

Martin Frič


Jan Roth

Camera Operator

Josef Pávek, Jan Kváča

Production Designer

Bohuslav Kulič

Set Designer

Josef Pavlík

Costume Designer

Vladimír Synek

Make-Up Artist

Gustav Hrdlička

Film Editor

Jan Kohout

Sound Designer

Emanuel Formánek

Special Effects

Vladimír Dvořák, Miloš Šauer

Production Manager

Rudolf Wolf

Unit Production Manager

Vladimír Vojta


Jiřina Kottová, Věra Líznerová


Music Composed by

Bohuslav Sedláček

Music Performed by


Music Conducted by

František Belfín (FISYO)


Pověz mi, modrá obloho, Prstýnek něžný dala mi


Bohuslav Sedláček (Pověz mi, modrá obloho), Bohuslav Sedláček (Prstýnek něžný dala mi)

Writer of Lyrics

K. M. Walló (Pověz mi, modrá obloho), K. M. Walló (Prstýnek něžný dala mi)


Marie Kyselková [dab] (Pověz mi, modrá obloho), Josef Zíma (Prstýnek něžný dala mi)


Bedřich Füsseger

Danced by

Olga Jungová, Zdena Bronislavská, Zora Doskočilová, Astrid Štúrová, Věra Benšová, Luka Rubanovičová

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Original Title

Princezna se zlatou hvězdou

English Title

The Princess with the Golden Star



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Copyright Holders

Národní filmový archiv

Creative Group

Hanuš – Pavlíček, Ladislav Hanuš, Oldřich Pavlíček

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